Growing up, both our parents instilled a love of travel in us. Traveling the countryside by car or flying cross-country, each trip was an out. An away, if you will. The ordinary waited for us upon our return, but in the meantime there was historical ground to be trampled and history to be made. An adventure today and a story-to-be-told, and re-told, for ages to come.

Though we are passionate about traveling, we also have to live life. We started a family and got heavily involved in what was right in front of us. Traveling became more about seeing family than connecting as a family, and working more than revitalizing ourselves.

A difficult health journey taught us that we needed to take the time to make time for each other. 

StepAway Travel was born out of our desire to recapture the importance of pressing the pause button and getting away. We all have to do life, but taking time away helps us do life better. An away can be an adventure, something old or something new. It can be laying on the beach and whale watching in Hawaii, or skiing the Rockies. It is whatever allows you to recapture time, recapture your family and recapture you.

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